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Meet others who are making an excellent living with Immunotec






Sandi W
Carl WSandi and Carl W.
We’ve been with Immunotec since they opened their doors in 1986, and we totally believe in the company and its products. They’ve never missed sending us a healthy paycheck and we can honestly say, our 6-figure income keeps growing! If you believe in yourself, and believe in Immunotec, their products and the power of duplication you can achieve all your financial goals, regardless of your education or experience. My husband and I were farmers who have now provided a secure future for our three sons, who are all in University.
James S James S.
“I have an immense sense of gratitude for Immunotec. Its products dramatically improved the health of many in my personal family, and thousands of others I have come to know. When I seriously developed it into a business vehicle, it made me financially independent. My home, my lifestyle, the freedom to have control of my time, goals and activities are all possible thanks to my Immunotec business.”
Candice A Candice A.
“I sold a successful massage therapy clinic to work full-time with Immunotec. I experienced what the products were capable of and how income increases as you work with your team to help them become successful! Immunotec provides you with a life-changing opportunity and life-enhancing products. Your body will thank you and the people you introduce to this company will thank you!
Foster O Foster O.
“My lifestyle today as compared to ten years ago can be summed up as a truly ‘overcoming the odds’ story. Who would have thought that an immigrant kid from Africa could one day say I have a sense of control over my time, my finances, and my life? Immunotec has allowed me to own a home, put my kids in private school, spend time with my family and serve my church…and finally to support my extended family abroad.”
Renald P Renald P.
“Immunotec is the true democratization of capitalism; I invested less than $600, I put in time, and I generated over $1 million in revenue while working as a police officer…wow, I mean, wow!!
Lori C Lori C.
“As a former school bus driver earning about $600 per month, my life has definitely changed thanks to my Immunotec business! I’m now earning in excess of $100,000 per year and have the time and freedom to enjoy it! As a single parent, my business has allowed me to build a beautiful new home and send my daughter to university. Thank you, Immunotec!”
John S John S.
“Immunotec allows me to be a full-time dad at home and be with my children daily, attend their school events, while still earning a 6-figure income. The best part is that money keeps on coming whether we are at work or play!”
Francois M Francoise M.
“I very quickly came to understand that I had an opportunity to help improve people’s quality of life. Because of my burning ambition to share the great discovery of Immunocal (Immunotec’s flagship product) success was immediate. Prosperity came simply from wanting to help. ”
Albert C Albert C.
“I’ve investigated all the best home businesses available and I feel that Immunotec offers the most credible products with the most rewarding compensation plan in the industry. Immunotec has given me and my family financial independence and excellent health. As part of the Wellness Revolution and the Direct Selling Industry, you have a company, products and a pay plan that you can depend on, which is very important in this day and age.”
Celine P Celine P.
“I left my full-time job and devoted my time to developing my Immunotec business. That doubled my income. It’s incredible. Immunotec lets you make your plans a reality and your dreams come true!”
Jim H Jim H.
“I had to quit teaching school due to my health condition. I was very skeptical of natural products, but finally tried the products offered through Immunotec. In a short time I regained my health completely. I now enjoy the wonderful opportunity to work from home and I’ve developed an income that exceeded my income from teaching.”
Wally and Cheryl K Wally and Cheryl K.
“When our clothing business went under during the 1988 recession, we searched for an alternative and found an amazing career with Immunotec. Immunotec’s products and compensation plan have far exceeded our expectations. We have our health, time freedom, and we are financially independent!”
Jonathan J Jonathan J.
“Our home was in foreclosure when we got started with Immunotec. Within months our financial situation turned around and it didn’t take long before we were making a 6-figure yearly income on a regular basis. We are impressed with the research behind Immunotec’s products and find it a true blessing to help others with their health, and if they are looking for a way to get ahead financially, Immunotec is an honest company with integrity that they can trust.”
Barbara F Barbara F., Country Gospel Singer
“I became acquainted with Immunotec in my quest to find something to help my mother who was suffering with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases. My prayer for my mother’s recovery was answered and Immunocal helped me with my own personal health challenges as well. I tell everyone, wherever I go, about Immunotec! Our family wouldn’t be without it.”
Dr Jim M Dr. Jim M., Retired Oral and Maxillo Facial Surgeon
“Impressed with the integrity of the company and their products, I became involved with Immunotec over a decade ago, to supplement my income after retirement. This extra income would help support a charitable organization I founded 31 years ago called Friends of Honduran Children which helps orphans, the poor, the sick & homeless. I’ve never regretted the decision to partner with Immunotec.”
Dr Don P Dr. Don P., Chiropractor
“I didn’t realize what the dramatic effect Immunotec’s products would have on my patients. I have witnessed some remarkable results. Another bonus is the income I receive from promoting these products. It is equivalent to having a large amount of money invested in the bank and drawing more interest on it than possible in these times.”